Bird-friendly Forestry

Over the past several decades, populations of resident and migratory birds have declined by the billions. The reasons are numerous- and most are beyond the control of individual citizens- but loss of habitat is one significant issue that landowners can work to address. Forest songbirds rely on a variety of forest types and stages of development, from mature hemlock forest to young aspen and paper birch forest. Over time, with no management, forests will mature naturally and early successional (i.e. young) forests decline. It is these young forests that are lacking in our landscape, according to The National Audubon Society.

Audubon Vermont and New York have developed best management practices to promote appropriate habitat with a program called Foresters for the Birds. There are many resources published for landowners and foresters alike, and Audubon has a program to endorse foresters who have completed educational training and demonstrated proficiency in bird-friendly forest management practices. Upper Valley Forest Management would welcome the opportunity to bring a richer diversity of bird species to your forest.

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Audubon Foresters for the Birds

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