Property Boundary Maintenance


Forested tracts in New England can have a number of different features to indicate property boundaries. In some cases, there will be 200-year old stone walls, but in many cases there may be a rusted and buried iron pin- or even nothing at all. Sometimes a deed references a tree that no longer exists. With a combination of deed research, handheld navigation technology, and grit, property lines can be accurately located.

Once property lines are located, surveyors and foresters “blaze” trees along the boundary in particular ways to memorialize the line and make it easier to maintain over time. The blazes are then painted to maintain visibility. Over time, some blazed trees will die and paint will fade, so it is good practice to maintain boundaries every decade or so. Before any management such as invasive vegetation control or timber harvesting is initiated, it is imperative that boundary lines are located with certainty. While we are not surveyors, Upper Valley Forest Management offers property line reconnaissance and maintenance services.

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